Weekly Feeder: May 12, 2014

What’s new in the newsfeed? Articles about the businesses of Cool Japan and
K-pop, TV renewal and cancellation season, and an early peek at Gotham. ★

Fast Company takes a look at the challenges of licensing content from Japan, even as its government works to grow cultural and economic influence via the Cool Japan Fund. Specifically, the CEO of Viki mentions difficulties created by Japan’s production committee system and offers interesting worldwide – and multi-language – viewership stats for the Japanese action-fantasy Innocent Lilies. [Fast Company]

• Seoul-based writer Mark James Russell (K-Pop Now!, Pop Goes Korea) talks about the business of South Korean pop music and what it represents both at home and abroad. [Marketplace]

Did your favorite TV shows make the cut – or get canned? Here’s a handy scorecard. [Adweek]

FOX announced its series pickup for the Batman prequel Gotham with an extended trailer, while its executive producer/showrunner shared his vision for the series with Entertainment Weekly. [Fox Broadcasting on YouTube.com, EW.com]

Some commenters on the linked article feel the showrunner is a bit cocky, and he may be. However, I’m a little relieved he has the full story arc in mind from the get-go.

I also think the casting of Ben McKenzie for the role of Jim Gordon is on target. He brings a “good guy” sensibility to his roles that doesn’t preclude him from having moral dilemmas or doing the wrong things for the right reasons… like teaming up with the Caped Crusader years later.