Weekly Feeder: May 19, 2014

The summer movie and convention seasons kicked off early, thanks to Godzilla’s successful reappearance in theaters and an unexpected announcement about the Sailor Moon anime series. Also: Amazon vs. Hachette; how Canada’s new anti-spam laws can affect U.S. businesses; civility online; Asian films at Cannes; and K-drama now streaming (almost) everywhere. ★

 • Wondering why that new release from Yen Press or Marvel Comics is listed on Amazon at full SRP and with a wait time of 3-5 weeks? As Amazon and Hachette have a showdown over terms, Amazon is trying to influence the negotiations by not restocking and not discounting titles published and distributed by Hachette. Also: an important question about business/FTC implications. [ICv2.com, Anime News Network, Forbes]

Canada’s new anti-spam laws go into effect on July 1, 2014, and here’s what you need to know if you conduct business via email with Canadian companies and individuals (or have Canadian subscribers on your email lists). [Spin Sucks, WhatCounts]

How Riot Games is addressing online harassment in its popular League of Legends multi-player online video game, and why it can serve as an example for other online communities.  [Wired via Erica Friedman]

• A quick look at the recent history of Asian films at Cannes, along with some insights about how these films end up in festival programs. [Film Business Asia, via Pierce Conran]

Adweek takes a look at the growth of K-drama and international TV and film site DramaFever. [Adweek]

It’s a solid business profile, but the writer and DramaFever didn’t mention what I consider to be three of the more important factors in their upswing:

• A commitment to a variety of delivery platforms that can almost be described as “DramaFever anywhere” – including the main website, mobile apps (phones and tablets), and TV apps (Samsung TVs, Roku).

• A focus on getting simulcasts and releasing the translated videos within 12-24 hours after the initial Korean broadcast. Most of the titles they mention as being popular with advertisers are current simulcasts.

• Titles exclusive to their site, by way of co-productions (such as Heirs, which was mentioned) or exclusive licenses.

While there are other legal sites that specialize in Korean content, DramaFever is the one that currently and publicly succeeds with all three items right now.

Godzilla through the years, with some details about creating the special effects for the early movies. [Fast Company Co.Create]

Sailoooor Moooooon! The original anime series returns to North America for the first time in a decade, and the new Sailor Moon Crystal series is set to debut in July, both from Viz Media. Plus, an interview with more details. [Anime News Network]