Weekly Feeder: July 21, 2014

An awesome virtual-reality promotion featuring “Doraemon”; required reading about how marketers use your data; the CIA’s writing stylebook; an interview with the author whose work inspired Edge of Tomorrow; Game of Thrones-style state flags; and the music video for the new Sailor Moon theme song. ★

Weekly Feeder: May 19, 2014

The summer movie and convention seasons kicked off early, thanks to Godzilla’s successful reappearance in theaters and an unexpected announcement about the Sailor Moon anime series. Also: Amazon vs. Hachette; how Canada’s new anti-spam laws can affect U.S. businesses; civility online; Asian films at Cannes; and K-drama now streaming (almost) everywhere. ★

Weekly Feeder: March 15, 2014

Happy Saturday, and welcome to the inaugural edition of the “Weekly Feeder.” Last month, to prepare for a more intensive freelance and consulting schedule, I started obsessively tracking my time, and the exercise brought home just how many hours a week I spend processing and consuming a lot of random data. I figure it’s time… Continue reading Weekly Feeder: March 15, 2014