Weekly Feeder: July 21, 2014

An awesome virtual-reality promotion featuring “Doraemon”; required reading about how marketers use your data; the CIA’s writing stylebook; an interview with the author whose work inspired Edge of Tomorrow; Game of Thrones-style state flags; and the music video for the new Sailor Moon theme song. ★

• Japanese snack food manufacturer Glico created a fantastic hands-on virtual-reality promotion featuring “Doraemon,” the time-traveling robotic cat. The U.S. version of the Doraemon cartoon – which is deservedly beloved by generations of Japanese kids – recently debuted on the Disney XD cable channel. [RocketNews24, U.S. Doraemon site]

Adweek’s in-depth, yet accessible, article on how marketers use your financial, purchasing, TV-viewing, and other data is a must-read. [Adweek]

• In honor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s one-month anniversary on Twitter, PRNewser shares highlights from the official CIA style guide. [PRNewser on Mediabistro]

The content of their Twitter feed alternates between informative and hilarious and is very much worth a follow.

• Author Hiroshi Sakurazaka discusses his novella All You Need Is Kill and its film adaption, Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise. (Note: The article is in English.) [The Japan Times]

• An enterprising fan used HBO’s interactive sigil maker to re-create the U.S. state flags by way of Game of Thrones. [redditor “anthonybooyay” on imgur.com via Fast Co.Create]

Momoiro Clover Z released their promotional video for the Sailor Moon Crystal opening theme. [Momoiro Clover Z on YouTube]