Playlist: 2014.05.25: Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Spring and summer always seem to be the best time of year for dance tracks. (Or at least, it seems to be when I’m in the mood for them.) That’s why it was such a pleasant surprise to find After School’s latest Japanese album in the U.S. iTunes store recently. Point of interest: If you… Continue reading Playlist: 2014.05.25: Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Playlist: 2014.03.23: Ready to J-Rock

For my weekend drive back to the homebase, I was in the mood to rock — and curious what iTunes’ Genius feature would pull up for some of my older J-rock purchases. Several tracks have anime, manga, or video game ties. Can you name them? ♫

Playlist: 2014.01.09: Rainy, Cold

Some music for a rainy morning that’s also cool by Florida standards. As I was formatting one of many long-banked (and forgotten!) reviews, I realized Pearl Jam re-released some of their “bootleg” recordings from the 1990s and early 2000s via iTunes. Now I can finally replace the London/Wembley Arena CD I lost during one of… Continue reading Playlist: 2014.01.09: Rainy, Cold