Playlist: 2014.05.25: Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Spring and summer always seem to be the best time of year for dance tracks. (Or at least, it seems to be when I’m in the mood for them.) That’s why it was such a pleasant surprise to find After School’s latest Japanese album in the U.S. iTunes store recently.

Point of interest: If you are a fan of 1990s club music/or and J-pop, After School‘s Japanese tracks “Heaven” and “Shh” are produced by Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso). You can see the video for “Heaven” and check out the other playlist tracks — which include dance tracks, plus a little bit of everything else — below. ★

  • “Heaven” – After School (AFTERSCHOOL)
  • “A Girl Like You” – Edwyn Collins
  • “Heartbeat” – 2PM
  • “Blurry Eyes” – L’Arc~en~Ciel
  • “WISHES ~I’ll be there~”- 20th Century
  • “Ready to Take a Chance Again” – Barry Manilow
  • cyberbird (サイバーバード)” – Gabriela Robin
  • “Love Like Winter” – A.F.I.
  • “Hard Out Here” – Lily Allen
  • “This Love” – SHINHWA (신화)
  • “Excuse Me Miss” – SHINee (샤이니)
  • “Spirit (スピリット)” – V6
  • “CHANGE THE WORLD 2001 (“Very best” LIMITED VERSION)” – V6
  • “Star Falling From The Sky (별을 따다)” – Shin Hye Sung (신혜성)
  • “memories” – Gackt
  • Arlandria” – Foo Fighters
  • “Bang! (뱅!)” – After School
  • “You’re The Reason I’m Leaving” – Franz Ferdinand
  • “Twilight emotion” – V6
  • “Perfect Lady” – V6
  • Do Do (색색의 세계)” – KAHI & Yoon Do Hyun (윤도현)