Weekly Feeder: July 16, 2014

Removing some of the mystery behind U.S. movie ratings; the best promotional hashtag of San Diego Comic-Con may have already made its debut; the inventor of Gatorade is honored; Lego’s new women scientist minifigs; the problem with vanity sizes; and adorably funny trailers for Big Hero 6. ★

• The topic of movie ratings mystifies me and apparently a lot of other people, including filmmakers. Two former MPAA raters chat about some of the content that triggers higher – read: less marketable – ratings, and how, as consultants, they can help directors and producers head off potential major edits. [Indiewire via Film School Rejects]

• This mock-up of a San Diego Comic-Con billboard for the upcoming TNT series Legends features what has to be one of the best meta hashtags in recent memory: #dontkillseanbean. [The Beat]

The creator of Gatorade is inducted into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame. [University of Florida]

• A Scientific American blogger gets a sneak peek at Lego’s new female scientist mini figures. They hit stores in August 2014. [Scientific American via Vince Alverello (@VinceA)]

J.Crew now produces and sells clothing in size 000. Yes, you read that correctly, and according to them, it is ostensibly to accommodate Asian markets. More about what vanity sizing is and why it is a problem. [PRNewser at Mediabistro, HelloGiggles]

A super-cute – and funny(!) – teaser trailer for the upcoming Disney Animation-Marvel Studios collaboration, Big Hero 6. You can also see the full trailer here. [Walt Disney Animation Studios on YouTube via Anime News Network]