Weekly Feeder: July 7, 2014

Beer can art, a new Gone Girl trailer, and three great interviews – with Lucky magazine founder Kim France, manga artist-writer Moyoco Anno, and Edge of Tomorrow co-screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie. ★

• Two different publications take a look at the recent trend of artistic beer cans and choose their favorites. These creative – and far-flung – designs incorporate everything from multi-can retro-style panoramas to 8-bit video game art. [Adweek, Thrillist]

Sassy alum and Lucky founding editor Kim France talks about the politics of the fashion industry and media that cover it, as well as the messages it sends to women. [Bitch Media]

• Leading up to this month’s release of In Clothes Called Fat (from Vertical Inc.), Publishers Weekly chats with manga writer and artist Moyoco Anno about her works and their recurring themes. Bonus: At the end of the Q&A, you can check out excerpts from two of her series, Insufficient Direction and Diary of Ochibi-san! [Publishers Weekly]

• Screenwriter and director Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) talks about his script work on Edge of Tomorrow and the two stories writers need to tell as they develop a movie. [Film School Rejects]

20th Century Fox released a new trailer for Gone Girl. Plus, a look at its current marketing.  [Apple iTunes, Forbes]

It will be interesting to see how Gillian Flynn adapts her book for the David Fincher-directed movie. We’ll find out in October 2014!