Weekly Feeder: May 5, 2014

Things near and dear to me this past week: a medium-sized report on big data, a new way to read To Kill a Mockingbird, binge-watching, giant robots and road safety, and the littlest (and most dangerous) Vader of all. ★

The White House released its report on big data and privacy, and a stakeholder-expert whose input contributed to the report spoke to Adweek about its potential implications to the businesses of marketing and advertising. It’s a lot of stats, advertising, and marketing speak, but you should be aware of what they are saying. [WhiteHouse.gov, Adweek]

Harper Lee agreed to release To Kill a Mockingbird as an e-book, and it will be available on July 8, 2014. See also: a compilation of “Atticus Finch” quotes from the novel. [Paste Magazine]

Binge-watching: It’s no longer just for anime and foreign drama fans! A new study takes a look at the practice of binge-viewing – which they have defined as “watching three or more episodes of one series in a single sitting” – and its effect on daily activities… like personal hygiene. (Yikes!)

Bonus: A handy infographic that shows how long it will take to marathon several popular series. [Miner & Co. Studio via Home Media Magazine, Nielson via Fast Co.Create]

1. Binging on a show = three or more episodes? Amateurs.
2. I wonder if my most recent round with the Nielson viewing diary contributed to these stats…

This road safety poster from Japan’s National Police Agency is funny, appropriate, and effective. Its star? The signature police mecha (robot for non-anime fans) from the Patlabor anime series – and the live-action adaptation currently in progress. [Anime News Network]

This may be the littlest and most dangerous Darth Vader of all. (If you collect Star Wars and Lego kits, it’s likely he’s already infiltrated your house.) A belated “May the Fourth be with you!” [LEGO on YouTube, Adweek]

The idea of publishing this column on Saturdays is great, but it just hasn’t been happening in practice. Expect to see it every Monday from today onward! ★