Weekly Feeder: September 15, 2014

Bad off-the-field behavior and its ramifications for the NFL; a cool Instagram contest; why Microsoft is eyeing Minecraft; what heavy metal and classical music fans have in common; Apple discontinues the iPod Classic; and Craig Ferguson takes a look at The Manga Cookbook. ★

• Lots of news about the NFL and the domestic violence issues of some of its players. These articles take a look at the situation from a public relations/crisis management standpoint and as a marketing and branding issue. (Spin Sucks, Adweek)

As someone who loves her high school, college, and pro teams, I want to see organizations do a better job of knowing players’ backgrounds and holding them accountable for their actions before they sign and renew their contracts.

While I usually feel there should be a line between one’s work and personal lives, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with morals clauses and their enforcement – requiring pro athletes to not assault and batter people, not do drugs, and not deliberately break laws the rest of us follow.

• This Instagram contest from a Swedish retailer is an interesting idea. (Adweek’s Adfreak)

• It seems like all of my friends’ kids have been playing it forever, so it’s not surprising to read about Microsoft’s interest in Minecraft and its reasons for potentially acquiring the video game. (Adweek)

Heavy metal and classical music fans may have more in common than you think. (Mic)

RIP iPod Classic. (Paste Magazine)

Not everyone wants to use their phone to play music or wants to move files on and off devices because there isn’t enough memory. Boo.

Manga University’s The Manga Cookbook was the subject of a sketch on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The video is below, and be sure to check out the article, which has some interior shots of the book. (Manga University on YouTube via Anime News Network)