Weekly Feeder: March 22, 2014

It’s a real grab bag of links this week – probably because I needed some happy distractions. Business up front… ★

• The Associated Press now accepts “over” as a synonym for “more than.” My old-school journalism/writing instructors at the University of Florida are either screaming for the kids to get off their lawns or rolling over in their graves. For the record, I’m still in the “more than” camp. (The Atlantic and Mediabistro, via Jackie Smith.)

• This week’s nomination for “I can’t believe this isn’t a bigger story”: The U.S. government announced on March 14 it is planning to relinquish oversight of ICANN – the organization that manages oversight of Internet domains. Here’s a quick Q&A about the potential ramifications, at least in the short term. (Wall Street Journal)

• “Facebook Reportedly Slashing Organic Reach for Pages: Is social net trying to force bigger ad spends?” Expect to see more articles like this. It’s why you need to diversify your social communications and marketing efforts across multiple platforms, including at least one where you have almost total control, such as a privately hosted website. (Adweek)

• The term “gig economy” is bandied about by a lot of business experts, but how might it actually work? An editor at Fast Company tried to Frankenstein together a week’s worth of jobs. Articles like this provide a much-needed dose of realism. (Fast Company)

• “Pikachu! I choose YOU!” (Sorry. Not sorry.) The yellow Pokémon will serve as the mascot for Japan’s 2014 World Cup Team and be emblazoned on the official Adidas-designed uniforms (and commemorative sportswear I assume will be available to the public). (IGN via Mediabistro)

• A sneak peek at FOX’s upcoming Batman-themed and Jim Gordon-focused Gotham TV series and more info and new details about Star Wars Episode VII. < Please be good! > (Bleeding Cool and Comic Book Movie via The Fandom Post; ICv2 and Twitch)

• A must-see (and mind-boggling) infographic for the beer connoisseurs out there: “The Magnificent Multitude of Beer.”  (Pop Chart Lab via Adweek)

• Confession: I love my Galaxy Note II, but I hate, hate, hate the word “phablet.” People always ask me about its size, so I’m also bookmarking this graphic that handily compares it and an array of other popular smartphones. (Adweek)

• I ♥ big robots. Now, in addition to being jealous of friends and professional acquaintances who visit Japan and get to see the giant Gundam, I can also be jealous of those who get to see the life-size Ingram mecha from the new live-action installments of the Mobile Police Patlabor franchise.

I always loved the idea behind Patlabor. Instead of being a planet or universe-altering war epic, Patlabor focuses on front-line law enforcement officers and support personnel. (It’s also available on Blu-ray and DVD , and I highly recommend it.) (Oricon News, Mantan Web and Twitter, via Anime News Network and RocketNews24)

• Check out how this adorable English Bulldog puppy rolls. She’s rather pleased with herself. ^_^ (Kathryn Miller on YouTube via HelloGiggles)