Love You, Kitty-mon. | Josie Roberts

I found Josie, outside of downtown Bradenton’s Bishop Planetarium, during the week before Christmas in 1996, and she passed away on Monday, March 17, 2014. For more than 17 years, I was lucky to have her as my most faithful and constant companion and best little buddy.

Thank you, you beautiful, silly, stubborn, playful, and loyal Kitty-mon. I miss you, and I’ll always love you, Josie-cat. >^..^<

Josie Playing - Jan. 23, 2005
Josie playing in the Bradenton apartment. (Jan. 2005)

Josie, At Attention! - March 15, 2005
Josie at attention. (March 2005)
Josie Stopping to Smell the Roses - May 20, 2005
Josie stopping to smell the yellow roses. (May 2005)
Josie Circus Cat - Aug. 14, 2005
Josie rolling around and playing on/with two of her favorite things — a string and the leather shag rug. I called this her “circus kitty” routine. (Aug. 2005)
Josie With Strings - Sept. 11, 2005
Josie playing with a favorite toy as I made the bed. (Sept. 2005)
Josie & Me - Dec. 25, 2007
Josie and me, celebrating our first Christmas in my townhouse. She particularly liked having her own room, taking over my room, and playing among my books and videos in the library/loft. (Dec. 2007)
Josie Sitting Pretty - April 20, 2008
Josie dealing with the gross/cold Midwestern weather by camping out on my bed. (April 2008)
Josie Playing - March 28, 2010
Josie playing in the living room with a different string and the leather rugs (again). (March 2010)
Josie on the Prowl - Aug. 30, 2010
Josie on the prowl… (Aug. 2010)
Josie and the Orange Cat - Feb. 28, 2011
Josie in her favorite bed with one of her favorite toys. (Feb. 2011)
Pensive Josie - April 21, 2012
I took this right around the time Josie was diagnosed. She had already lost a lot of weight, but it was hard to see because of her stripes. My poor little cat. 🙁 (April 2012)
Josie in June - June 2, 2013
This photo was taken last year, right before I put the house up for sale. I’m glad I was able to let her catch some Florida rays before she had to go. (June 2013)

Addendum: I really miss you, little cat.