A Bunch of Bullet Points

Jeans, Radiohead, Glasses Case

The work scramble for Anime Expo and end-of-the-year holiday promotions has begun… Bring on the bullet points!

• My semi-annual search for jeans that actually fit was successful, although not without some stress. The vanity sizing at some major retailers is out of control. When I have to drop down 2-3 sizes to find pants that don’t fall off of me, I’m not doing a cheer because I’ve “dropped a size.” I’m frustrated because I now have to try on everything and/or do mail-order exchanges multiple times.

• I also found the latest Radiohead CD for cheap and snagged a new, much-needed case for my eyeglasses. 👓

Manga, J-Film, and K-drama

• About a week later, some things I pre-ordered and ordered from work arrived: Ping Pong, the manga Gente and a couple volumes of Kimi ni Todoke, and the K-drama Mischievous Kiss. ♥

Bad, Bad Glitter Bat!
Don’t you look at me like that! >^..^<

• Kitty-mon is usually a sweetheart. I mean… Sure, she does things that annoy me, like projectile vomiting (and its unfortunate follow-up activity).

On Friday, though, she was a total little monster and thoroughly unpleasant. She puked and then ran underneath my bed. During this, she pulled off her collar. When I tried to put it back on, she high-tailed it downstairs — hissing the entire way — and flew under my living room easy chair. As I moved the chair and picked her up, she hissed and GROWLED at me! What the heck?!?

Guess who spent the day in time out — a.k.a. alone in her guest room with litter, food and water — to think about her behavior, since I couldn’t trust her on her own? (Her.) Guess who’s still not entirely over this, even she’s behaved herself for the last 24 hours? (Me.)

Anyway, hope everyone who reads this is having a great weekend. Mine’s been pretty good (and quiet) so far!