PRINCESS NINE, Vol. 1: First Inning!

Princess Nine: First Inning!

[Review copy provided by distributor.] For many fans, it wouldn’t be summer without the crack of the bat and leisurely afternoons at the ballpark. What does it take for players to reach the sacred diamond? To have a chance not only to compete, but to succeed? Being a gifted athlete, alone, is no guarantee of… Continue reading PRINCESS NINE, Vol. 1: First Inning!

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s DER MOND

Beyond the Art of EVANGELION Every anime fan knows that character design is one of the most important attributes of any movie or television series. It sets the artistic tone and, at a glance, helps establish the personalities that will drive the storyline. Some talented artists have made a career of this specialty, becoming household… Continue reading Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s DER MOND

The Special Duty Combat Unit SHINESMAN

The Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman

You answer a stupid question… He just wanted to earn a decent living and be a good guardian to his kid brother, Yota. There was no way for Hiroya Matsumoto to know his answer to a seemingly-innocuous question during a job interview would place him in the position of being a superhero.