An Early Easter Arrival

If anyone has doubts my anime obsession predates my current work, they should be erased by the fact I just spent at least two and a half hours playing with a doll. Today, my “Asuka” Pullip arrived in all her glory. Jun Planning, the peeps who manufacture these little lovelies, outdid themselves.

Must. Have. (EVANGELION Pullips!)

Catching up on my e-mails last night, and opened up a promotional mailer from Valley of the Dolls. For Spring 2008, JUN Planning is teaming up with GAINAX to produce Pullips of “Rei” and “Asuka” from Neon Genesis Evangelion! Rei’s cute, but I must have Asuka. The fangirl temptation was too much, and I just… Continue reading Must. Have. (EVANGELION Pullips!)