Happy NANA Day 2016!

“I wanted to appear strong and graceful in your eyes. Like a manga heroine, who’s too perfect to be real.” – Nana Ozaki from NANA by Ai Yazawa. Another year, another July 7th, another NANA Day. 

Happy NANA Day! 2007.07.07

NANA, Vol. 1 by Ai YAZAWA. NANA © 1999 by Yazawa Manga Seisakusho/SHUEISHA Inc.

It’s NO secret that I’m a huge fan of all things Ai Yazawa, including NANA. The July issue of Shojo Beat is the last issue that will feature the serialization of the manga, but that’s OK. We’re just getting to the really intense parts — rated “M” — and it not being featured in mag… Continue reading Happy NANA Day! 2007.07.07