[Review copy provided by PR firm.] The Matrix Revisited, a special documentary that is available alone and packaged with the original movie, allows viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the first movie’s creation, as well as brief glimpses into what promises to be one of the more unique, multimedia franchises created in the last few years.

Preview: What Is the ANIMATRIX?

[Review copy provided by PR firm.] One of the most interesting features on The Matrix Revisited was a jam-packed, five-minute segment on the upcoming Matrix anime project, dubbed “Animatrix.” Primarily narrated by Matrix producer Joel Silver and Animatrix producer Michael Arias, the piece adds details to what is already known about the project:

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s DER MOND

Beyond the Art of EVANGELION Every anime fan knows that character design is one of the most important attributes of any movie or television series. It sets the artistic tone and, at a glance, helps establish the personalities that will drive the storyline. Some talented artists have made a career of this specialty, becoming household… Continue reading Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s DER MOND