Class Shot, Jan. 2014 (2014-01-14, No. 5)

Tuesday was… eventful.

A good part of the day was spent traveling to, waiting at, and returning from an emergency trip to the vet. (Lost lots of time and $$.)

On the plus side, Josie’s blood work looked great, and the vet gave us the OK to eat contraband Fancy Feast and treats until she regains some weight and gets back on a schedule. It was fun to hear the very satisfied Kitty-mon purr-growl as she attacked her first treat in nearly two years!

I took the photo above for my class. With my most frequent subject still recovering from her procedures, I had to look around for other things to shoot and found them in the form of leaves, flowers, and other complications strewn across brickwork in the backyard. I thought the combination of colors and textures looked neat. ✿