A Starting Week

Josie - Jan. 6, 2014

This week is shaping up to be a busy one with the start of photography class, a new and never-before-touched chapter in my Korean-language studies, and of course, work, networking, and more writing.

Josie’s had a pretty rough last few days — and by extension, I have, too — so I need to make a vet appointment. To control her hyperthyroidism, she’s on a special diet of only prescription cat food. Over the last week, she decided she doesn’t want to eat it — which is buckets of fun and stress for all involved. (It is NOT fun to hand-feed this cat.)

It might be time to move her over to the hyperthyroid medicine if it lets us expand her diet. That will mean at least two blood panels ($$), but making the Kitty-mon happy and somewhat healthy for a little longer is worth it. >^..^<