Blank Park Zoo (DSM): The Handsome Otter

Otter at DSM's Blank Park Zoo - Oct. 2013 - 1

Time to continue my quick turn around Des Moines’ Blank Park Zoo. In this installment, we visit a handsome otter.

They had two North American river otters on display, but only one emerged from the otter caves that day, probably due to the chilly and breezy weather.

Because of the ongoing construction, many visitors walked right by the exhibit, and when I came to the viewing areas, this little one was just as curious about me as I was about him/her. If I moved to the water viewing area, he/she showed off by hopping into the pool and swimming fast laps that went right up to the window, wherever I happened to be standing. If I went to the above-ground viewing, my new pal followed suit — to see what I was doing and (generously) pose for the camera.

Otter at DSM's Blank Park Zoo - Oct. 2013 - 2

So cute, friendly, and smart! I see why people think they want them as pets, even though it wouldn’t work and isn’t in the otters’ best interest. (Ring of Bright Water¬†was a traumatic childhood viewing experience for me.)