MKTG ♥: Anipang, Fall 2013:
Chuseok Edition

Anipang - Fall 2013 Chuseok - 01
Anipang opening screen.

Marketing nerd alert!

When my love affair with my current phone began last January, I also gained a related obsession: Anipang: The Puzzle, a South Korean mobile phone game similar to Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga.

Its premise is simple: Use your touch screen to match three like items in a row. Rather than jewels or candies, it features stylized cartoon animals, and every several months, Anipang’s designers change up the graphics to reflect the seasons.

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Sailor V (& Artemis) by Naoko Takeuchi

Sailor V (& Artemis) by Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor V
(& Artemis)
by Naoko Takeuchi

For January 2004, this month’s blog image is a drawing of Sailor Venus from the manga/anime series, Sailor Moon, and drawn by Naoko Takeuchi.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Sailor V. First of all, she’s the only other senshi to have her own cat guardian (Artemis), also she plays the shiny, happy persona to the hilt, but in reality — at least in the manga — she really is a leader.

And then there’s her inimitable fashion sense… ^_^

This has always been one of my favorite manga drawings. (It can be found on the dust jacket of the Japanese Sailor V tanks.) 💖