Secret Comics Japan

[Review copy provided by Viz Communications.] In Secret Comics Japan, Editor Chikao Shiratori refers to the different populations of manga readers by breaking them into categories, illustrated by a diagram of concentric circles, one inside another.

BATTLE ANGEL ALITA by Yukito Kishiro

BATTLE ANGEL ALITA © Yukito Kishiro/ Shueisha, Inc. First published by Shueisha, Inc., in Japan. BATTLE ANGEL ALITA is a trademark of Viz Communications, Inc.

Gun Dreams The Earth’s future looks bleak. Life is a struggle for existence in the shadow of a utopian, floating city whose inhabitants’ cruel dictates both drive and quash the day-to-day actions of the ground dwellers. It is a future where sleeping beauty is a cyborg and has no memory of her past. This is… Continue reading BATTLE ANGEL ALITA by Yukito Kishiro