“Mine” from I (& Y) by Kim Jae-Joong

The last music post was wonderfully witchy. My Halloween fun continues with KIM Jae-joong and his dark and dramatic music video for “Mine.”

It’s a track that demonstrates his vocal repertoire extends beyond K-pop and J-pop and into harder-hitting sounds.

Jaejoong is a compelling rock vocalist. “Mine” easily fits alongside the J-rock releases of Gackt and Hyde (of VAMPS and L’Arc~en~Ciel).

The music video’s imagery also adds to the song’s sense of menace mixed with desperation – from its sets, special effects, and wild animals to the vampire/fallen angel/devil portrayed by Jaejoong, himself.


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  • You can watch more relatively recent music videos featuring Jaejoong – as a solo artist and as a member of JYJ – on the CJES/JYJ YouTube channel. (He’s also a former member of TVXQ, so he can also be seen and heard in that group’s pre-2010 releases.)