“I’m Not Yours” by Jolin Tsai (Feat. Namie Amuro)

What happens when the “Queen of C-pop” and “Queen of J-pop” collaborate? You get the lavish, supernatural video for “I’m Not Yours” by Jolin Tsai and Namie Amuro.

In a music genre that prizes novelty, Tsai and Amuro are divas and survivors who continue to thrive due to both genuine talent and a willingness to push the envelope.

As a sassy, girl-power anthem, “I’m Not Yours” isn’t out of place in either artist’s discography. But the special effects- and animation-laden music video is a memorable standout: Tsai and Amuro (and an army of fellow courtesans) summon the power of fox spirits and turn their customers into literal(!) donkeys.

“I am my own girl.”

Somehow, I think the dudes in the video get the message… now. 😄


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  • “I’m Not Yours” appears on Jolin Tsai’s 2014 album Play. The track is available digitally on both iTunes and Amazon Music. (Disclosure: I’m part of the iTunes affiliate program.)
  • For more tracks and videos by Taiwanese and Mandopop diva Jolin Tsai, check out her official YouTube channel. Prepare to be amazed. (You probably don’t want to watch it at work.)