Weekly Feeder: June 30, 2014

Definitely summer. Lots of movies, manga, and sports… plus a little bit of marketing and business here and there, too. Highlights: Wimbledon’s dress code enforcement causes headaches for marketers, a business site interviews Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho, and age-appropriate manga picks. ★

 • Discs versus streaming: Which form of video consumption is better for the environment? The answer is more complicated than you may think. [IOP Science via Home Media Magazine]

• As it moves into its second week, more people are taking notice of how Wimbledon reinstated its strict enforcement of its “all white” dress code. What this means to the tennis players and their sportswear sponsors… and why some of them are already looking forward to the U.S. Open. [PRNewser on Mediabistro]

• These propaganda-style posters featuring the districts of Panem are an emotionally effective and visually striking promotion for the upcoming Hunger Games movies. [Adweek]

What corporations get wrong when they try to co-opt trends and Internet memes. [Fast Company]

Protip: If it’s already reached meme status, you’re probably too late unless you think of a truly awesome and original twist. Also, know your audience!

How memorable are advertising slogans, really? Adweek took a field trip to Times Square to quiz passersby. Can you identify them correctly? [Adweek]

• I’m always excited to see things that interest me pop up in places I don’t normally expect to find them. Case in point: South Korean director Bong Joon-ho* discusses creative choices in Snowpiercer** with an English-language business website. [Fast Co.Create, trailer at RadiusTWC on Youtube]

* “Bong” is the director’s family name and “Joon-ho” is his given name. The writer maintained the Korean name-order convention.

** The sci-fi action film started limited release last week and is rolling out to additional venues this week.

Looking for age-appropriate manga picks? Deb Aoki serves and reports on the “Best and Worst Manga” panel at last weekend’s American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Las Vegas. [Manga Comics Manga]