Weekly Feeder: August 18, 2014

Design ideas that influenced the Web; licensing and university athletics; weird TV promo items; journalism’s continuing evolution; and a chance to make your own (paper-craft) Tardis. ★

• A neat article for non-designers about design ideas that influenced the Web and — in many ways — changed how we consume information. [Fast Co.Design]

• A look at the business of licensing and university athletics, which includes an array of items from branded clothing to Jell-O molds. [Advertising Age]

University of Florida Jell-O Kit

Some truly odd and interesting items sent out to promote various TV shows. [Adweek]

There are now more bloggers than journalists, and more of these writers have more years of experience. These are among the journalism (and therefore PR) trends revealed in this survey by one of the distribution services. [Business Wire via PRNewser at Mediabistro]

Be helpful to the freelance writers you know. You also may want to think hard about pitching that reporter/editor via social media, unless you know he or she welcomes it…

The Tardis will soon be landing. The season premiere of Doctor Who is this Saturday, and it’s the first regular series adventure of the new, 12th Doctor. In honor of the occasion, the BBC released a papercraft version of the familiar police box/time-and-space machine as part of its World Tour and social media promo. Also, check out the trailer for the new ep below. [BBC’s Doctor Who site, BBC America on YouTube]