MKTG ♥: Anipang, Fall 2013:
Chuseok Edition

Anipang - Fall 2013 Chuseok - 01
Anipang opening screen.

Marketing nerd alert!

When my love affair with my current phone began last January, I also gained a related obsession: Anipang: The Puzzle, a South Korean mobile phone game similar to Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga.

Its premise is simple: Use your touch screen to match three like items in a row. Rather than jewels or candies, it features stylized cartoon animals, and every several months, Anipang’s designers change up the graphics to reflect the seasons.

The mid-September update was timed to go live just before Chuseok, South Korea’s annual harvest festival and three-day national holiday. Anipang’s characters are dressed for the occasion — some are even in traditional hanbok(!) — and appear beneath a harvest moon, along with popular holiday foods and brightly colored fall leaves.

It’s a cute, fun way to keep the game’s graphics fresh without modifying its mechanics and a nice nod to its primary, home audience. ❦

Anipang - Fall 2013 Chuseok - 02
Anipang main game screen.

► Find It!

Both the English-language version of Anipang and the required KakaoTalk application are available for free via Google Play and iTunes.