Dog Day (Among Other Things)

Sam, I Am - Aug. 2013

To mark National Dog Day, I’m posting a photo of Sam, my mom’s Corgi and the pooch who is currently nearest and dearest to me. He’s about nine years old and 35(+) pounds of pure muscle. I finally got to see him again, earlier this month.

The past week was super busy. As my reward for successfully completing my job and workout goals, as well as the first chapter of Korean language studies (via Rosetta Stone), I allowed myself to spend the entire weekend reading (lots of magazine back-issues and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl), catching up on the K-drama Two Weeks (SO GOOD), and digging into my movie backlog (the Chinese rom-com Sophie’s Revenge, starring Zhang Ziyi).

My week’s off to a decent start, and I hope yours is, too! ⭐