Three Days

Scarf Project 2009-2010 ^-^;

For the last month, I’ve been aiming toward the Labor Day weekend, and it passed by too quickly — partially because I tried to cram too much into it!

Would you believe it took me about a year to finish this scarf? (Pictured above.)

Actually, some people would when they see how long it is. Even looping it around once, its ends still dust the ground! I was in a groove — watching something good on TV or listening to music I enjoyed — and kept knitting and knitting. Well… NEW SCARF! ^_^;

In addition to the scarf and work, this week was all about the new V6 single (yay!) and new bathroom faucet (boo!). Of the those, the scarf made the best photo, since it fell somewhere in between.

I guess you could say the scarf was this week’s average. As averages go, that’s OK.