Love You, Kitty-mon. | Josie Roberts

I found Josie, outside of downtown Bradenton’s Bishop Planetarium, during the week before Christmas in 1996, and she passed away on Monday, March 17, 2014. For more than 17 years, I was lucky to have her as my most faithful and constant companion and best little buddy.

Thank you, you beautiful, silly, stubborn, playful, and loyal Kitty-mon. I miss you, and I’ll always love you, Josie-cat. >^..^<

Josie Playing - Jan. 23, 2005
Josie playing in the Bradenton apartment. (Jan. 2005)

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MKTG ♥: Anipang, Fall 2013:
Chuseok Edition

Anipang - Fall 2013 Chuseok - 01
Anipang opening screen.

Marketing nerd alert!

When my love affair with my current phone began last January, I also gained a related obsession: Anipang: The Puzzle, a South Korean mobile phone game similar to Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga.

Its premise is simple: Use your touch screen to match three like items in a row. Rather than jewels or candies, it features stylized cartoon animals, and every several months, Anipang’s designers change up the graphics to reflect the seasons.

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Must. Have. (EVANGELION Pullips!)

Asuka Pullip Promo Shot #1Catching up on my e-mails last night, and opened up a promotional mailer from Valley of the Dolls.

OMG! The fangirl temptation was just too much.

For Spring 2008, JUN Planning is teaming up with GAINAX to produce Pullips of “Rei” and “Asuka” from Neon Genesis Evangelion! Rei’s cute, but I must have Asuka. (And I just put in a pre-order.)

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