The Special Duty Combat Unit SHINESMAN

The Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman

You answer a stupid question… He just wanted to earn a decent living and be a good guardian to his kid brother, Yota. There was no way for Hiroya Matsumoto to know his answer to a seemingly-innocuous question during a job interview would place him in the position of being a superhero. 


Secret Comics Japan

[Review copy provided by Viz Communications.] In Secret Comics Japan, Editor Chikao Shiratori refers to the different populations of manga readers by breaking them into categories, illustrated by a diagram of concentric circles, one inside another.

BLADE RUNNER: The Director’s Cut

At age 18, most works of entertainment and elements of popular culture are well past their expiration date. Time’s passing causes even original stories to seem clichéd. Special effects, at best, look old-fashioned or, at worst, are seen as campy. It was with a little trepidation that I placed my shiny new copy of Blade… Continue reading BLADE RUNNER: The Director’s Cut