Corgi Power!

Sam the Corgi's First Photo
Sam the Corgi’s First Photo

Here’s a picture of Sam the Corgi!

Isn’t he mad, evil cute? ^_^

And the total kicker: He is about the size of my “Ein” plush corgi from Cowboy Bebop. (Maybe that’s why Josie’s adjusting fairly well… She snuggles up to the stuffed animal all the time.)

Happy Fourth of July – 2004

Josie Laser-Beam Eyes

I picked up a digital camera today!

Needless to say, a decent portion of this afternoon was spent torturing the most photogenic member of my household (Josie). Hey: I had to teach myself how to use this thing somehow, and I KNOW no one wants to look at pictures of my messy home office.

Poor thing. Flash bulbs today and noise from firecrackers tonight. She has such a rough life.

Happy Independence Day!