About Aligator Pop

Aligator Pop is:

1. Where you can discover not-always-obvious new favorites that entertain, inspire, inform, and in general make your life better.

2. Alison L. Roberts.

Hi, I’m Alison! (Thanks for checking out my site!)

Alison L. Roberts - Aligator PopBy day, I’m a marketing, public relations, and content professional. During non-work hours, I enjoy films and TV, music, reading, writing, photography, and creating things online and offline.

Like so many other marketers-turned-bloggers.

What makes me different? Timing and trajectory.

I began blogging in June 2000. My first site featured anime, manga, movie, and music reviews across a zillion individually coded and designed Web pages. Hardcore. ^_^

My slightly nerdy sideline aided the transition from public relations to PR and marketing. Eventually, I led marketing and communications for an anime company, a foreign film label, and an online specialty retailer – all at the same time.

As I become adept at predicting and promoting the “hits” for my then-employer, as well as other publishers and distributors, I also honed a related talent.

My favorite part of my job, past and present, is identifying overlooked (but awesome!) content and bringing it to the attention of fans who will love it – but might not have discovered it on their own.

Now, I’m bringing that focus back around to Aligator Pop. I can’t wait to share my favorites and help you uncover favorites of your own.