BLADE RUNNER: The Director’s Cut

At age 18, most works of entertainment and elements of popular culture are well past their expiration date. Time’s passing causes even original stories to seem clichéd. Special effects, at best, look old-fashioned or, at worst, are seen as campy. It was with a little trepidation that I placed my shiny new copy of Blade… Continue reading BLADE RUNNER: The Director’s Cut

BATTLE ANGEL ALITA by Yukito Kishiro

BATTLE ANGEL ALITA © Yukito Kishiro/ Shueisha, Inc. First published by Shueisha, Inc., in Japan. BATTLE ANGEL ALITA is a trademark of Viz Communications, Inc.

Gun Dreams The Earth’s future looks bleak. Life is a struggle for existence in the shadow of a utopian, floating city whose inhabitants’ cruel dictates both drive and quash the day-to-day actions of the ground dwellers. It is a future where sleeping beauty is a cyborg and has no memory of her past. This is… Continue reading BATTLE ANGEL ALITA by Yukito Kishiro