Asian Drama Simulcasts: July 24-Aug. 6, 2017

Asian drama simulcast premieres and debuts for July 24-August 6, 2017.
Simulcast premieres and debuts for July 24-August 6, 2017. Pictured from far left: STRONGEST DELIVERYMAN (South Korea, 2017; KBS2). Top row: THE PERFECT MATCH (Taiwan, 2017; SETTV) and SCHOOL 2017 (South Korea, 2017; KBS2). Middle row: LOST LOVE IN TIMES (China, 2017; Dragon TV); SPARROW (China, 2016; Hunan TV); and THE KING LOVES (South Korea, 2017; MBC). Bottom row: SAVE ME (South Korea, 2017; OCN) and THE MASKED LOVER (Taiwan, 2017; SETTV).

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My Watch List:

I just finished Stranger (Secret Forest) and am catching up with DuelThe Bride of the Water God and White Nights (Night Light) are currently “in progress.” I also plan to check out the series premieres of Strongest Deliveryman and Save Me.

What are you watching?   

July 24-Aug. 6, 2017

Current Asian Drama Simulcasts
(Regular Release Schedule)

Lost Love in Times (China)
Save Me (South Korea)
School 2017 (South Korea)
Sparrow (China)
Strongest Deliveryman (South Korea)
The King Loves (South Korea)
The Masked Lover (Taiwan)
The Perfect Match (Taiwan)

Duel (South Korea)
Love, Timeless (Taiwan)
Secret Forest, a.k.a. Stranger or Forest of Secrets (South Korea)
Super Family 2017 (South Korea)

All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law, a.k.a. Sisters-in-Law (South Korea)
Bad Thief, Good Thief (South Korea)
Band of Sisters, a.k.a. Sister Is Alive or Unni Is Alive (South Korea)
Father Is Strange (South Korea)
Lovers in Bloom, a.k.a. The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed (South Korea) 
Teacher Oh Soon-nam (South Korea)
The Bride of the Water God, a.k.a. The Bride of Habaek (South Korea)
Unknown Woman (South Korea)
Wednesday 3:30 PM (South Korea)
Woman of Dignity (South Korea)
You Are Too Much (South Korea)

Current Asian Drama Simulcasts
(Irregular Release Schedule)

April Star (China)
Healing Master (China)
Men With Swords, Season 2 (China)
My Mr. Mermaid (China) > New!
Queen for Seven Days (South Korea)
The Eternal Love (China) > New!
The First Half of My Life (China) > New!
The Perfect Couple (China) 

Upcoming Drama Simulcasts

A Person You May Know (South Korea) > Addition!
Age of Youth, Season 2
(South Korea)
Andante (South Korea)
Deserving of the Name (South Korea) > Addition!
Falsify (South Korea) > Addition!
Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light (Japan)
Hip Hop Teacher (South Korea) > Addition!
Hospital Ship (South Korea) > Addition!
Into the New World, a.k.a. Reunited Worlds (South Korea) > Addition!
Jimmy: The Story of a True Idiot (Japan) > Addition!
Memory Love (Taiwan) > Addition!
Million Yen Women (Japan)
While You Were Sleeping (South Korea)

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