Asian Drama Simulcasts: Nov. 7-13, 2016

(South Korea, 2016; SBS)

Teacher & Students

It’s a busy week on the lists with the simulcast premiere of a high-profile Korean medical drama and two series finales.

A wildly unorthodox surgeon becomes a life-changing mentor to two medical residents in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, a miniseries that finds its protagonists challenging the politics and hierarchies of the healthcare system, in the name of patient care.

Han Suk-kyu (Tree With Deep Roots), Yoo Yeon-seok (Answer Me 1994), and Seo Hyun-jin (Another Oh Hae Young) lead an ensemble cast that features Choi Jin-ho (Oh My Venus), Jin Kyung (Uncontrollably Fond), Kim Jung-young (Heard It Through the Grapevine), Lim Won-hee (You’re All Surrounded), Kim Min-jae (Because It’s the First Time), and more. (Note: Alternate titles for this series include Doctor Romantic and Romantic Doctor Kim.)

THE FLOWER IN PRISON (South Korea, 2016; MBC)
(South Korea, 2016; MBC)

An unexpected promotion requires a move to Shanghai – and triggers a relationship crisis for a young woman and her long-term boyfriend – in the Taiwanese drama Life Plan A and B, which stars Rainie Yang (Drunken to Love You).

The Flower in Prison, a Joseon-era legal drama headlined by Go Soo (Empire of Gold) and Jin Se-yeon (Bridal Mask), is now available in its entirety with English subtitles. T-drama rom-com Prince of Wolf, with Derek Chang (Be With You) and Amber An (To the Dearest Intruder), is available, too.

The concluding episodes for K-dramas Jealousy Incarnate and The K2 also air this week.

See below for more about these and other shows with licensed streams and English subtitles.

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    • Addition: Love of Sandstorm (Taiwan).

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Nov. 7-13, 2016

Asian Drama Simulcasts: Nov. 7-13, 2016

Life Plan A and B (Taiwan)
Prince of Wolf (Taiwan)
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, a.k.a. Doctor Romantic (South Korea)
The Flower in Prison (South Korea)

Jealousy Incarnate (South Korea)
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (South Korea)
The K2 (South Korea)

Ice Fantasy (China)
My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week (South Korea)
One Percent of Something (South Korea)
Our Gab Soon (South Korea) 
Secrets of Women (South Korea)
Shopping King Louie (South Korea)
The Unusual Family, a.k.a. Strange Family (South Korea)
Ultraman Orb (Japan)
When a Snail Falls in Love (China)

In-Progress, Irregular Schedule:
Customize Happiness (China)
Cupid Above (China)
Dating Factory (China)
Laurel Tree Tailors (South Korea)
Love By Design (Taiwan)
Metro of Love (Taiwan)
On the Way to the Airport (South Korea)
Rookie Agent Rouge (China)
Singing All Along (China)
Still Lala, a.k.a. Hi DuLaLa (China)
Swimming Battle (Taiwan)
The Legend of Chusen (China)
The Love Song (Taiwan)
The Man Living in Our House, a.k.a. Sweet Stranger and Me (South Korea)
V-Focus (Taiwan)
Warm Love and War of Male (China)
Woman With a Suitcase (South Korea)

Confirmed Coming Soon:
Crime Scene Investigation Center (Taiwan)
Entourage (South Korea)
Goblin (South Korea)
Great Inventors (China)
Hwarang: The Beginning (South Korea)
Love of Sandstorm (Taiwan)
Oh My Geum Bi (South Korea)
Saimdang: Light’s Diary (South Korea)
Stay With Me (China)
The Legend of the Blue Sea (South Korea)
The Princess Weiyoung (China)

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