Asian Drama Simulcasts: Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2016

GOBLIN (South Korea, 2016; tvN)
(South Korea, 2016; tvN)

A Goblin & a Grim Reaper

A high-profile fantasy makes its cable debut, plus several series join the simulcast roster and two Korean relationship dramas conclude.

A goblin and a grim reaper become roommates. But the goblin is tired of being immortal. The only way to end his curse is to take a human bride – and there’s a student following him around who knows what he is and claims to be just that.

The synopsis of Goblin – which makes its simulcast premiere this weekend – almost sounds like a gag… until you realize writer Kim Eun-sook and director Lee Eun-bok reteamed for the project as their follow-up to blockbuster K-drama Descendants of the Sun.

Then there’s the cast: Gong Yoo (The Age of Shadows) is the titular world-weary goblin who ends up sharing a residence with an angel of death and a caretaker of sorts, portrayed by Lee Dong-wook (Bubblegum) and BTOB’s Yook Sung-jae (The Village: Achiara’s Secret). Kim Go-eun (Cheese in the Trap) and Yoo In-na (One More Happy Ending) are the romantic interests who upset the daily lives of the supernatural protagonists.

The trailers hint at a mix of romance, comedy, and pathos. However, I’m most looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the three unlikely roomies and for Yoo In-na’s “sexy chicken shop owner.” Some of writer Kim’s best material has been in the service of male friendships (Gentleman’s Dignity) and this particular actress (Secret Garden).

FATHER, I’LL TAKE CARE OF YOU (South Korea, 2016; MBC)
(South Korea, 2016; MBC)

A retired husband and wife are embracing life as empty-nesters when all of their children invade move back home in the weekend family drama Father, I’ll Take Care of You. Kim Jae-won (Hwajung: Splendid Politics), Park Eun-bin (Age of Youth), Lee Soo-kyung (Let’s Eat), and Lee Tae-hwan (W: Two Worlds) lead the ensemble cast, with Kim Chang-wan (My Love From Another Star) and Kim Hye-ok (The Producers) as the bemused parents.

Politics – and the hazards of life in first-century China – complicate the romance between the commoner-turned-founder of the Eastern Han Dynasty and his childhood sweetheart, who would go on to become empress. Ruby Lin (The Way We Were) and Yuan Hong (Scarlet Heart) star in the Chinese novel-to-drama adaptation Singing All Along. The complete 50-episode series is now available with English subtitles.

One Percent of Something recently wrapped up and is ready to marathon, and the finale of My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week airs this weekend.

See below for more about these and other shows with licensed streams and English subtitles.

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    • Addition: The King of Romance (Taiwan) and The Miracle (South Korea).

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Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2016

Asian Drama Simulcasts: Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2016

Father, I’ll Take Care of You (South Korea)
Goblin (South Korea)
Singing All Along (China)

My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week (South Korea)
One Percent of Something (South Korea)
Rookie Agent Rouge (China)
The Legend of Chusen (China)

Laurel Tree Tailors (South Korea)
Love By Design (Taiwan)
Oh My Geum Bi (South Korea)
Our Gab Soon (South Korea) 
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, a.k.a. Doctor Romantic (South Korea)
Secrets of Women (South Korea)
Shopping King Louie (South Korea)
Swimming Battle (Taiwan)
The Princess Weiyoung (China)
The Unusual Family, a.k.a. Strange Family (South Korea)
Ultraman Orb (Japan)
When a Snail Falls in Love (China)

In-Progress, Irregular Schedule:
All in 700 (Taiwan)
Behind Your Smile (Taiwan)
Customize Happiness (China)
Metro of Love (Taiwan)
On the Way to the Airport (South Korea)
Shuttle Love Millennium (China)
Still Lala, a.k.a. Hi DuLaLa (China)
The Legend of the Blue Sea (South Korea)
The Love Song (Taiwan)
The Man Living in Our House, a.k.a. Sweet Stranger and Me (South Korea)
V-Focus (Taiwan)
Warm Love and War of Male (China)
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (South Korea)
Woman With a Suitcase (South Korea)

Confirmed Coming Soon:
Hwarang: The Beginning (South Korea)
Love of Sandstorm (Taiwan)
Saimdang: Light’s Diary (South Korea)
Stay With Me (China)
The King of Romance (Taiwan)
The Miracle (South Korea)

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