Asian Drama Simulcasts: Dec. 11, 2014

HEALER (South Korea, 2014; KBS2)
(South Korea, 2014; KBS2)

A while back, a friend and I both wondered if there was a list of which Asian dramas are currently simulcasting with English subtitles. I looked, and I couldn’t find one — or at least, I couldn’t find one that included the multiple countries that now regularly show up on the major streaming sites.

That’s why I created the Pinterest board below and plan to publish a regularly updated list of simulcast titles here on my site. (You’ll find some notes about what I decided to include and why at the end of the column.)

Some thoughts about this week’s 32(!) series…

There were many more shows than I thought there would be, and a lot of the super-popular series are available via two or more services.

It’s also interesting to note the series’ countries of origin, especially when one keeps this week’s articles about Cool Japan – and its success in relation to Korea’s content export business – in mind. (See Helen McCarthy’s succinct distillation of The Asahi Shimbun article for more.)

Week of December 8-14, 2014 (32 series)

Healer (South Korea)
Maids (South Korea)

Boarding House No. 24 (South Korea)
Secret Door (South Korea)

After School: Lucky or Not – Season 2 (South Korea)
Aim High (Taiwan)
Angel ‘n’ Devil (Taiwan)
Birth of a Beauty (South Korea)
Boysitter (Taiwan)
Dear Sister (Japan)
Dr. Frost (South Korea)
High School – Love On (South Korea)
Love Cheque Charge (Taiwan)
Love Frequency 37.2 (South Korea)
Misaeng: An Incomplete Life (South Korea)
Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo (Japan)
Modern Farmer (South Korea)
Mr. Baek, a.k.a. Mr. Back (South Korea)
Mr. Right Wanted (Taiwan)
Nobunaga Concerto (Japan)
Pinocchio (South Korea)
Pride and Prejudice (South Korea)
Rosy Lovers (South Korea)
Say I Do Again (Taiwan)
Sweden Laundry (South Korea)
The Greatest Marriage (South Korea)
The King’s Face (South Korea)
The Legendary Witch (South Korea)
The Perfect Insider (Japan)
Time Taxi (Japan)
Valid Love (South Korea)
What Happens to My Family? (South Korea)

Starting Next Week:
Detectives of Seonam Girls’ High School (South Korea)
Punch (South Korea)

Criteria for inclusion and additional notes:

  • Regions: Licensed, legal simulcasts available to U.S.-based viewers. (Some streams may be available in Canada, but others won’t be because licensing can get weird.)
  • Subtitles: All of these streams feature English subtitles.
  • Content: Live-action dramas currently airing in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Why only legal/licensed streams? A significant part of my professional career is dedicated to licensing and promoting foreign content, including Japanese anime and manga, as well as Korean films, dramas, and manhwa. I’ve had the privilege of seeing how much work goes into making and distributing them, and I want the teams behind these productions and works to get paid… so they can make more works for us all to enjoy. ;-)

  • Find out more about the show: The Pinterest pins usually link to Asian Wiki or Wikipedia, so you can find out more details about each show.
  • The most important question: Where can I watch it? Each pin’s description includes a note indicating where you can watch the show online – always legally and often for free.

See any mistakes, know of something I missed, or have a question? Please leave a note in the comments section below OR send me an email. (Thanks – and happy viewing!) ★