I look forward to talking with you — both here and via social media — about the topics discussed on this site.

This is a quick list of guidelines,which may be amended when/if I determine it is necessary:

  • Keep both content and language “work-friendly.”
  • Stay on topic.
  • Don’t bash my past, present or future* clients and/or employers.
  • Don’t engage in name-calling, hate speech, or slander.
  • Do not post links to or engage in discussions about bootleg or pirated content.
  • Add value to the conversation; don’t spam or troll.
  • All comments are moderated.

* How are you supposed to know? You won’t, so don’t. ;-)

Bottom line: Differences of opinion are acceptable. Being a jerk is not. But you’re cool, and that won’t be a problem.

Thanks for visiting. (Please give me a shout!)

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